Trump Has Options for Undoing Obama’s Climate Legacy By Harry Fountain and Erica Goode

Donald Trump, who once claimed that climate change is a hoax, now says that he will keep an "open mind" about the connection between the environment and humans. However, he has disregarded many aspects pertaining to the environment. Throughout his campaign, he has proposed several efforts to reduce government spending on environmental efforts. One major way in which Trump could nullify the Obama climate agenda is slowing down the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, a small outpost that is the last stop for regulations before they go into full effect. Under the Trump administration, the office could slow Obama's newest regulatory initiatives. Another opening for Mr. Trump lies in regulations that were proposed by the Obama administration but are still technically “in motion.” In theory, he could pull back or block these rules.

Donald Trump delivering a speech about environmental issues

Analysis: The information presented here is particularly noteworthy because it's a very urgent issue. Donald Trump is going to be the new president, and he isn't taking environmental issues into concern. He is more focused on economic issues and wants to cut spending on environmental funds. Everything that the Obama administration has done (such as supporting many environmental organizations) is going to be put to a halt. We have yet to know whether or not Trump will be powerful enough to stop all environmental efforts, but hopefully he doesn't

Big Takeaway: What drew my into this article initially was my curiosity. I knew prior to reading this article that Trump believes that global warming is a "hoax," but I wanted to learn about what particular steps he plans on taking in order to halt Obama's efforts pertaining to climate change. I hope to further track Trump's initiatives, especially when he actually becomes president. There are a lot of lingering questions in my head about what he is truly capable of doing. As an Environmental Science student and someone who is environmentally conscious, I hope for the benefit of myself, the planet, and others that we can still take necessary action to prevent further destruction of the Earth.


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