English class 6b entpannt lernen von zu Hause...

Hello everybody! Welcome to our virtual classroom. Let‘s start next week on Monday... ok?

Just log in to this webpage - and find a video and some instructions.

Stay safe and at home. Use social media to meet your friends. But not tooooo long. A to do list can help you cope with all the unscheduled time... ;-) Best regards, see you soon - online.

Hi everybody! Welcome to our English Class in Corona Week I

I‘m so much looking forward to Workshop 3 because you are going to learn to talk about the PAST!! Isn‘t that 😝👍🏻 awesome?? :-) And - yes we have some kind of „situation“ here - we‘re in it together and we‘ll rock workshop 3 together, ok?

  • WB p. 70/ 1 Put the words in the word snake into the correct column! What does the German countryside look like?
  • Read the „Website text“ on pages 78 and 79 in your textbook. Whenever you are not sure how to pronounce a word correctly, go here and listen to the word. Repeat and remember it.

Click here! ⬇️

  • Tick the correct box - correct wrong sentences (WB, p. 70, 2)
Listen to funny Welsh Words... can you say them? :-) Just try...


Coronaday 2

Hey everybody... here is a video link about some or any... Manches ist auf Englisch und sicher eine Herausforderung... es geht um eine Biofarm und „battery hens“ und „healthy food“ auf einem Biobauernhof. Hört es euch einfach mal an... Just for fun und etwas Wiederholung. Diese Links sind nicht unbedingt Pflicht... aber vllt mal ein etwas anderer Zugang.

Coronaweek 1 - Day 3

watch the videos in the given order, please.

  • Make a list with 2 columns: heading: Simple Past
  • first column: Infinitive second column: past tense form (inf +...)
  1. Homework: Vocab for p 78 -79
  2. listen to Aimee‘s homework again (video or textbook link) and read the text, ... stop after each sentence and read the sentence loudly!

Coronaweek 1 - day 4

Zoom-Meeting beitreten

Meeting-ID: 624 966 465

Especially in corona days a positive mindset is so important!!

Coronaweek 1 - day 5

  • Your tasks / homework assignment
  • Correct your „Laufdiktat“ (I hope you enjoyed it ;-) and underline the irregular Past Tense simple forms of „to be“ and the regular verb forms (-ed) in different colors.
  • Correct yesterday‘s homework (p. 79, 5: My favourite day). - here‘s the solution
  • Learn the vocabulary for 78 and 79 until MONDAY.
Flat= Appartment ; band = Band (Musikband) ; artist = Künstler , street artist = Straßenkünstler.

Corona week 2

Aufgaben bis Mi. Wir treffen uns Mittwoch wieder.

Watch the video up to 2:29

  • here‘s a list of regular verbs - put them in a list according to their special spelling or special pronounciation (mach Wortlisten je nach besonderer Schreibweise oder Ausspracheregeln.)
  • Bilde 5 Fragen und Verneinungen mit was/ were.
  • Bilde 5 Aussagesätze im Simple Past mit den regelmäßigen und unregelmäßigen Verben
  • ro stay
  • to cook
  • to try (tried!)
  • to like
  • to bake
  • to drop
  • to prefer
  • to visit
  • to play
  • to want
  • ro ask
  • to end
  • to wash
  • to order
  • to serve
  • to wait
  • decide

Irregular verbs : learn them!

  • go - went
  • is/am/are - was/were
  • eat - ate
  • give - gave
  • drive - drove


Tasks until Monday

  • Learn the irregular verbs (I ticked them)
Etwas sportlich... lest das Ganze in der Side plank position 😅
So bitte lesen...

Write a diary entry about

  • what you did during the last two corona weeks without school
  • how you feel about social distancing arnd isolation
  • what you like / don‘t like about this situation
  • what frightens you, how you feel, what you hope / think
  • what corona routines you have (every time / always...)

Do this task in the WB together with a partner: p. 72, 6, set up a zoom meeting. telephone call or WA video call...

Ask each other about yesterday as well... :-)

Corona Week 3 Day 1

g 37 ... Fragen im Simple Past

Erklärung folgt per Audio.

  • Homework till Wednesday
  • voc 80
  • 5 Fragen im Simple Past und Vollständige Antworten, bitte an mich schicken!

Homework till Friday

Please order the book!