Civil Rights For Disabled people By: Patrick Fitzgerald

Physically and mentally disabled people are discriminated in the fields of jobs and education. Jordan Gallagher is a blind man who excelled in school and was very capable of a job but, "Hasn't had a job in three years. Many employers rejected him with a form letter or email, but one said outright: 'We don't hire blind people.'" (CNN Money). This is not the only way the disabled are discriminated, they are denied some times to go to college, "On many occasions disabled students are denied the right to go to college because they are turned away even though they have stated their disability." (Learning Disabilities Association Of America). These things effect the lives of all disabled people because they are limited to the opportunity they are given.

Disabled People Denied Work

Only 31% of all disabled people go to college and less than 20% get college degrees (

Many colleges that they can go to if they are not denied

There were many things that were similar between the Civil Rights issue of the disabled and the African Americans. One of the similarities that they hold is that there were laws in place to prevent segregation that weren't followed. There is an Act called the The Americans With Disabilities Act that nearly States, "A mentally or physically challenged person cannot be obtained the right to job or lowered pay." (The Americans With Disabilities Act). But people still break that law by denying the people to a job or lower their pay because of their handicapped. In the 1060's blacks were denied jobs even though the separate but equal act was abolished. The whites believed that blacks either didn't deserve the jobs or deserved lower pay. Both of the movements had laws on their sides that weren't followed.

This sign indicated that there are no disabled people allowed and this sums up what disabled people feel like in educational or industrial environments

A difference between these movements is that that the mentally disabled can be of any race but the blacks are all one race. The percentages of people that are mentally disabled by race are pretty similar according to the photo below.

"Black people in America who thought they were threatened badly fought for integration." (Civil Rights 101). Clearly they were all black because they were threatened because of their skin color. As shown by the graphic below.

To get involved, you can take a stand and represent these people in case they are scared or embarrassed. You can help them get places in jobs and colleges if you speak up. Companies might give their already workers a bigger wage and they may accept more workers. Schools might accept these new students if there is a big enough following.

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