Love local, love vegan, love Pingala Social media toolkit for the pingala café. Mar. 30, 2017


With a base in the center of Burlington, the Pingala Café offers food for everyone who cares about the environment and personal health. The café aspiration is to shift the global food system in the direction to plant-based foods by inspiring people to choose food that serves the environment.

The Pingala Café

social media toolkit

Purpose:This toolkit will help the employees of the Pingala Café as well as customers to help the business reach their goals through social media devices.

Goal: Through social media, the goal is to grow as a company and engage customers even more. By using social media, the company's chances of shifting the global food system will increase because of the higher amount reached people.

Key campaign theme

Love local, plant-based and vegan will be a common thread in the campaigns in all social media campaigns and updates.

Get engaged!

  • #'s are everything! Hashtag all your pictures of food and the location at Pingala with inspiration from the key campaign theme. #lovelocal #veganfoodporn are some great examples.
  • Geotag. Tell people that your picture is taken at the Pingala Café. This will help people find the café.
  • Share, like, comment! Tag your friends in the picture you have taken, encourage them to like and to get engaged!


Throughout 2017, the company's goal is to create more events at the café that will be advertised through social media. The goal with these events is to make to customers more engaged. Some examples:

  • Vegan burger FriYAY night - come and celebrate the weekend with us and taste our special 100 % vegan burgers! #happyfriyay
  • Sunday Funday Brunch
"Don't miss this chance! On Sunday we will have special price on all of our avocado dishes! #onsundayswebrunch #sundayfunday #sundaysatpingala"
  • All events will be published on all social media devices.
  • The events will be posted regularly, at least once a week.


"Tag five of your friends in the comment field below and you will have a chance to win a free 100 % plant based lunch here at the Pingala Café"

  • Contests will engage customers more as well as gaining more followers and publicity, and the only cost is the price of a lunch for instance.
  • The contests will mainly be hold on Instagram, in order to make that account grow.
  • Just as events, the contests will be held regularly. At least twice a month.


Hashtags will be used frequently on social media devices in order to reach more followers.

  • main hashtags: #pingalacafé #lovepingala
  • secondary hashtags: #lovelocal #veganfoodporn #foodporn #eatyourveggies #govegan #plantbased #healthy #fitspo

By using all these hashtags, the company will attract their specific kind of demographic; the people who care about the environment and personal health.


"Start your morning in the best way! Here at Pingala we serve delicious breakfast every day! #lovepingala #breakfastlover #veganfoodporn"
  • Try to create a beautiful feed. Doesn't matter if you take it with your phone or camera; find a great angle and edit in VSCO.
  • Visual variety is important. Mix food pictures with pictures of the location it self and the employees who work there. Make the followers feel like they want to go to the Pingala Café.
  • Instagram will be updated 3-7 times a week (try update once a day) with special offers, appetizing pictures as well as contests.
A screenshot of an example of a suitable post for the Pingala Café.

edit in vsco!

A beautiful feed will attract more followers to the Instagram account. Make sure to pick the filter that makes the food look the most appetizing. You should always avoid black and white filters.

A beautiful feed will attract more followers to the Instagram account.


  • A Twitter account will be set up by the end of March. This will facilitate the progress of getting a close and direct contact with the customers.
  • The company will focus on having a relaxed and casual language. Funny tweets are encouraged.
  • Twitter will be updated 4-9 times a week.
"You know what day it is... Come and end the weekend in the best way with us at Pingala Café #lovepingala #sundaybrunch"


  • Facebook will be more of a informative portal, with more details about the menu, opening hours and events coming up.
  • The quality of pictures should meet up with the ones on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Facebook will be updated 2-4 times a week.
"Happy Easter from all of us here at Pingala Café. We will have special opening hours this weekend, but luckily we are back as usual on Sunday!"

making it unique!

There should be a reason to follow all three social media devices and not just one. They all should serve a specific unique focus.

  • Instagram: Beautiful pictures and contests
  • Twitter: Casual language, direct contact/communication and funny tweets
  • Facebook: Informative and more serious
All pictures are taken by Moa Kristine Nachtweij. Copyright 2017.

This social media toolkit was made by Moa Kristine Nachtweij, student at Saint Michael's College with a double major in business and media.

Created By
Moa Nachtweij

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