Spaghetti Dinner 2017

The MMS Spaghetti Dinner soared with the characteristic excitement, laughter, and friend-raising activity we have come to love. Preparing for some 400 attendants, our volunteer crew of parents (names) spent hours in the afternoon setting up games, raffle items, and the ever popular face painting station staffed by our MMS faculty artists (names).

In our post-dinner polls, we learned that MMS students found unforeseen learning opportunities while playing games at the event. Liam remarked, “I enjoyed the basketball booth; some of us in Lower Elementary competed against each other, and we thought we were really good. So we asked some of the Upper Elementary boys to complete against us, and then we decided that was a bad idea because we weren’t actually very good.”

Junior High student Owen said he spent considerable time in the marshmallow toss,“I was pretty happy with my overall performance in second place. I think I got more marshmallows in the cups than anyone, but later I learned someone beat me.” Owen was less pleased with his cup stacking skills and maintained, “If I had time to reverse engineer the process I am confident I could have done better.” But Alexander, also in Junior High and together with Owen, formidable Sea Perch Robotics competitors disagreed. He said, “I was excellent at cup stacking, and the secret is practice. As a volunteer, I was in charge of the cup stacking game and spent a good 30 minutes practicing before anyone even arrived at the event.”

Shannon in 8th grade said that she decided to attend the Spaghetti Dinner because it would be her last. “I felt a bit nostalgic,” she said. “I socialized with my friends, and together spent some time trying to play volleyball with the beanbags which didn’t work out well at all!” Shannon added, “It was nice seeing all of the teachers too. We enjoyed talking to them in a social atmosphere.”

This year’s spaghetti dinner event also revolved around magic. Local magician Glen Gerard was hired to entertain with his dazzling illusions and quick hands, and he didn’t disappoint. Bella, Elli, Ella, and Diya were impressed with his feather tricks. “He passed feathers thru a hollow laminated tube and they changed colors. They would go in white and come out red or blue. He even made a feather turn into the colors of the American Flag.” Harry, also of Lower Elementary said, “We were protesting because we thought we saw how he was doing the trick, we thought he couldn’t fool us, but he did, we were always wrong! His card tricks were great because he used a sword to spear the exact cards that we chose at the beginning.”

Most everyone agreed that the food was terrific this year. (See graph of our random sample survey). Pasta, meatballs, and salad were enjoyed and sometimes eaten only in exchange for Hershey Kisses strategically placed on the tables as leverage.

Adam S. in 7th grade said, “I went to the Spaghetti Dinner because, I like supporting our school and doing anything to help it raise money because in my opinion, we get a better education here.” When pressed, “Did you spend any of your own money?” He conceded, no, “but I spent my mother’s money, and that made it even more fun.”

Adam S. poorly disguised but adeptly spending his parents’ money on shoebox raffle items.

Well disguised child – who is this guy?

Cats were permitted to attend this year’s event.

Maya admires the green caterpillar that Mr. Anastas artfully painted on her face.

Parents and faculty alike were in attendance.

Upper Elementary volunteers Jackson and Dylan help students develop their putting skills.

Cup stacking; it’s harder than it looks and takes practice.

Upper Elementary (victory pose) and Lower Elementary fellows (looking defeated) at the basketball hoop game.

Marshmallow toss into the red plastic cup: also known as college prep 101

Flush of triumph or agony of defeat?

Cutest family photo goes to…

Family incognito award goes to…

The baby carrying relay race was especially popular among our parents

MMS alumni were in attendance; Alex M with her mom!

We hope you all enjoyed the festivities, pasta dinner, and atmosphere of this venerable tradition. #SpaghettiDinner #MMSTradition


Photos Taken by Roger Gonzalez

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