Guatemala By katelynn and Anthony

Carlos Castillo Armas is elected president of the junta that overthrew the administration of Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in June 1954. Guatemala was leaning towards the soviets side and the US didn't like that so they wanted the president out of power so the country could change track for the type of government. Arbenz made the U.S angry because he wanted to spread communism.The US was worried about Guatemala becoming communist because they were so close to us and they didn't want more on the Societs side. This time in history is most reflective on the containment because the US would aide and provide many things to Guatemala so that they would stop going to the path of communism.

Currently the country is under a democratic republic. During this event this increased tension because the soviets wanted more people on their side of the Cold War. The whole country went under a revolution to remove a long-time dictator. The life for Guatemalans started to change in a more positive way after the revolution because they were getting more rights, instead getting them taken away. This country was clearly a hotspot just because of the policy of expansionism and containment that it fell under.

Jacobo arbenz
Carlos Castillo armas
Guatemala is next to Mexico down south


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