What is Cyber-bullying?

Cyber-bullying is a form of bullying which takes place on the Internet. There are different types of cyber-bullying, but none are pleasant.


Outing is when bully spreads victims personal information, photos and secrets publicly.


Harassment is a type of cyber-bullying where the bully sends offensive and malicious language to victim.


This is when the bully creates a fake account and bullies victim with their fake account.


Flaming is when the bully bullies the victim publicly online.


Exclusion is when the bully (or bullies in this situation) leave the victim out of an online group.

Are you being cyber-bullied?

If you are being cyber-bullied don't reply. Tell someone you trust. You can even set your account to private or block them, but never get used to it. 58% of young have seen others being cyber-bullied and 48% feel unsafe online. Don't ever suffer in silence.

Our Motto:

No matter who you are,

or what they say,

You will always be beautiful,

And achieve the impossible

Created by Scarlett 5CN.



by Scarlett Year 5

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