My Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History Yerdan Lopez

Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

Nature on Display: When I first walked into the exhibit, I could immediately fell in love with the scenery. I was instantly in another world. I was surrounded by trees and exotic plants that I only ever saw on television and in movies. What made me fall in love with the exhibit was the liveliness of it. With other exhibits, I saw models and figures of different scenes of nature. However, having so many live butterflies in such a small setting changes the whole complexion of the scene itself. It made me feel as if I was actually in a rainforest, surrounded by so much life. While other exhibits provided me with good images of the world, this exhibit actually allowed me to feel the surroundings of a rainforest, rather than just providing an image and description. Being enveloped by such great scenery and liveliness of the butterflies allowed for me to appreciate the exhibit so much more.

Impact of Overfishing on the Environment

Nature and Ethics: All of the exhibits contributed to a greater appreciation of the environment. Being surrounded by these amazing settings from nature that I could never really experience on a daily basis deepened my appreciation for it and encourages me to become even more conscientious of conservation for the environment. Through each exhibit, I could just imagine a future where the next few generations may not be able to appreciate the same beauties of nature. While the exhibits did a great job deepening my appreciation of nature, they also did just as well of a job at informing me of the dangers of human development on the environment. They provided an abundance of great information to help encourage viewers to help better conserve the environment. This exhibit in particular informed me on the dangers of overfishing along the coasts of Florida. By providing insightful details on these dangers, while also providing a context of what could be lost, the exhibit did a great job of encouraging people to avoid contributing to negative impacts on the environment. The exhibit definitely gave me a better sense of ethical responsibility than any information I could read in an article or textbook.

Northwest Florida Cave Exhibit

Nature and Human Spirit: My favorite part of the museum would have to be the presentation of the exhibits. Exhibits, such as this one of Florida caves, fully immerse the participant in an environment that we do not normally get to experience in our ordinary lives. One of my favorite exhibits of the museum, this cave exhibit allowed me to experience a spacial environment that I had never experienced before. I got to experience the wonder and beauty of a cave system, entirely remote from my ordinary life. The exhibit just had so much detail in its entirety, it felt like I was in a real cave system. There was even a little tunnel made for little kids to crawl through and have fun. I took the liberty to crawl the small space, even if I did feel childish. It just made the overall experience at the museum that much more fun! With these fun memories though, I gained a deeper appreciation for these exhibits.

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