Johan Cruyff Renaissance man

First is Cruyff in his youth. Next is Cruyff during his playing career. Last is him as a senor.

“ Less like a footballer, and more like an orchestra conductor. And a most magnificent one at that.” Said one player about Johan Cruyff. The true renaissance man had one of the most difficult early life story ever. He was born in the Netherlands on April 25, 1947. He was born as the second child having a older brother. He lived very close to AFC Ajax’s stadium where he would end up playing, when he got older. Cruyff’s father died when Cruyff was twelve of heart attack, this haunted Cruyff that when he turned 45 he would die of the same cause. Later, his mother remarried and her new husband was an idol to young Cruyff. That’s just the beginning of his very exciting life.

Cruyff was a big society help as well as being awarded many times. During his senior career, Cruyff won the ballon d‘or 3 times in 1971, 1972 and 1974. He also was in the FIFA’s XI of the century. He also was in the top 15 for FIFA player of the century. Johan Cruyff during his career lived next to a boy with a disability. So he then, created the Cruyff foundation to help kids get active and also so that kids with disabilities could play. His foundation made a thing called Cruyff Courts for Cruyff foundation teams with 7 on 7 games. That was just a sliver of his action packed life.

The True Renaissance Man had tons of quotes and had an amazing career. Cruyff started off his youth career at AFC Ajax in the year 1957 where he would stay until 1973. He then moved to FC Barcelona where he would play for five years. After Barca he jumped around and then retired in 1984. He after managed Ajax for 3 years. He then managed Barcelona where he introduced total football which is now the philosophy of FC Barcelona. “Playing football is simple, playing simple football is the hardest thing there is.” Said Cruyff. His life ended on March, 24 2016 to end his career but not his ever growing legacy.

  • 3 time ballon d'or Winner
  • 1974 FIFA World Cup runner up
  • 1976 Euros 3rd place
  • 514 club appearances
  • 392 club goals scored
  • 48 international appearances
  • 33 international goals
  • 562 total appearances
  • 425 total goals
  • 21 year career

The legendary Cruyff turn

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