Carving Glideshow By: denisa neda

My Carving is based on Christmas. I chose to make this Carving because i thought that I could give it to someone in my family or put it near the Christmas tree. I got the idea to make this while I was searching up Christmas trees and Christmas related things. My Carving is pretty simple and it is just a Christmas tree in the middle, and snowflakes falling down next to it, with the words “Merry Christmas” written on top.

I made my design using Photoshop and it was not too difficult. At first, I made the Christmas tree towards the right, and the snowflakes falling everywhere. I had thinner, smaller snowflakes and many more of them. Also, the writing was thinner and cursive. I don't have a picture of my actual first design but this is one of my drafts before I finished my Carving.

I soon found out that the cursive would be too difficult to carve and the snowflakes would too. Using photoshop, I enlarged the snowflakes and deleted a few, put the Christmas tree in the middle, and I changed to font on the “Merry Christmas”. I liked the way my design looked and I was looking forward to Carving it out and seeing it when it is done.

After my Carving was finished it looked nice and I was really proud of how it turned out. The only part that was messed up was one of the snowflakes on the bottom right. It couldn't fully carve because one of the parts holding the block down got in the way. It doesn't look that bad though and I still like the way it turned out. I think that the way my tree got carved out is really nice and shows contrast because the entire tree is carved out except for the ornaments and the star. Also I like that my design is only black and white because it's simple.

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