2003 | Electronic

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“I declare war on the axis of morons. -- All out war on complacent consent. -- I declare war on the war against drugs, rape and Slaughter of the innocent."


  • WWIII is the title track on the album of same name, which is the bands thirteenth.
  • This is KMFDM's only release on Sanctuary Records.
  • The albums lyrics all centered around G. W. Bush and American foreign policy.


Luke Tatum

Using the word "war" to turn the tables against the state. War against all of the evils of the world. This was an era when it was popular to go after George W. Bush, but this is the peak of that art form. I find this song memorable even among KMFDM tracks, thanks to its brilliant introductory passage and utterly relentless pace. If only we all "declared war" on these things. How different the world might be.

Sherry Voluntary

KMFDM is great. I'm glad though that they're a band and not The State, or all those things they decalred war on would be much much worse. I love the joke, I wish the government would declare war on prosperity and peace so there would be a lot more of it around.

Nicky P

Why does it feel as though it's only vogue to hate a president when they are a republican? There was so much good antiwar music in the George W Bush years and it all dried up under Obama. Now the fervor is back but the music isn't any good. Is it that they know it's all bullshit but feel as though they need to go through the motions? Every president of my lifetime has been worse than the last with no exceptions. Barely cosmetically different.

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Nicky P