George S. Patton

George S. Patton was a war general in both World Wars. He came from a family that fought in the American Civil War for both the confederacy and the Union. He was born November eleventh eighteen eighty five in San Gabriel California. He was tutored at home but went to Stephen Clark's school for boys in Pasadena when he was eight. After that he went to the Virginia Military Institute Where he got a congressman to write a letter of recommendation for West Point. At West Point he was top of his class in military exercises but had to redo his first year because he failed mathematics. He got into fencing and horseback riding during and after West Point.

After he got out of school he was stationed in fort myer. He went into the nineteen twelve olympics and finished fifth overall and first in people who weren't from Sweden. After that he went to France and studied fencing where he brought back a new technique to fort myer. He created a new sword for this Called the model 1913 Cavalry Saber or the Patton Sword. He then was stationed in sierra Blanca with the eighth cavalry. In sierra Blanca he was apart of the first use of motorized vehicles in U.S military history.

Patton in 1912 Olympics

When world war 1 broke out Patton was sent to Liverpool England and then went to tank school in Champlieu France. Then on September 26 he was wounded by German machine guns while leading his troops in a thick fog. For this he was awarded the Purple Heart in 1932. When the US entered World War 2 he gained control of the US 3rd army and a small armored division. He cleared some of the beaches used in D-Day and helped free some cornered divisions in Italy. He then slapped two men demanding they get back out and fight after they claimed to suffer from battle fatigue. After the incidents got to the American public Patton was on leave for 11 months. After the war he was military governor of bavaria but was forced to step down after having let known Nazis have governmental power. After this he got in a car accident and 12 days later died in his sleep from pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure

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