What is a stock ?

white stock is when a clear pale liquid made by simmering poultry , beef or fish bones. this white stock is use for soups. A white stock is when it cools and all the fat comes in.

brown stock : it's a amber liquid made by browning bones, vegetables, and other ingredients. this brown stock is for roasting bones. have to roast the bones for an hour.

fumet : is a stock made by simmering fish , chicken , in water , vine or in both , often boiled down to concentrate the flavor and used as a flavoring . this stock is for slavory the flavor . you have to boiled the stock with vine or water.

court bouillon: is with salted water , white wine , herbs , and various other ingredients , in which fish shellfish , or vegetables are cooked literally, short broth .it is also use for vegetables , eggs, sweetbreads, cockscombs , and delicate meats.Typically, cooking times do not exceed 60 minutes.

Glace :is a rich brown sauce in French cuisine used by itself or as a base for other sauces.The term comes from the French word glace, which, used in reference to a sauce, means icing or glaze.n

remouillage: is a stock that is made from bones that have already been used once to make a stock. The stock is weaker that the first stock and is sometimes called "second stock".sometimes used for water in making another stock or is reduced to make a glace.

bouillon :is a compressed, flavor-concentrated cube of dehyrated meat, poultry, fish, or vegetable stock. bouillon is made by simmering meat, whereas stock is made by simmering bones. A stock is generally unseasoned, or only lightly seasoned, while bouillon is seasoned to give it a strong flavor.

jus: It refers to meat dishes prepared or served together with a light gravy made from the juices given off by the meat as it is cooked.In French cuisine, cooking au jus is a natural way to enhance the flavour of dishes, mainly chicken, veal, and lamb. this is stock is like a sauce.

vegetable stock: is Covered with the vegetables with enough water that you can easily stir them in the pot. Less water means that your stock will be more concentrated; more water makes a lighter-flavored stock. this is also a soup.

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