Mrs. De Silvestro McKeel Academy Technical Support Clerk

I am here to help MAT students and parents with all of their technical and clerical inquiries involving student devices. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


863-499-2818 ext. 238

The Otterbox

Every student receives an Otterbox. Make sure to keep your Otterbox on your iPad. It is there to protect it.

If yours becomes damaged you can get a replacement for the cost of shipping by filing a warranty claim at:


Need help filing a claim? Email me. I'm here to help.

IPad Damage

Students must return their school iPad and accessories to the school in satisfactory condition at the end of their rental period. They are responsible if an iPad is lost, stolen or damaged in any way.

If a student damages or loses their iPad they must report it to the technology office immediately by submitting a help ticket at


iPad insurance is optional. It can be purchased from Worth Ave. Group. When applying for insurance make sure to insure the iPad for the full amount. Not sure of that amount, contact me.


A student with iPad insurance, that damages their iPad, must file a claim immediately. Claims can be filed on Worth Avenue’s website. The student and parent will work directly with Worth Ave. Group.


Worth Ave. Group will send the insured a box to the address that was provided upon sign up. Once the box is received, make sure to open it and complete any paper work that was included. Then, bring your box, paper work, and any deductible payment, with the iPad to school to my office and I will take care of shipping it out for you. In return, l will provide you with a loaner iPad so that you can continue to do your classwork.

If a student does not have insurance Lakeland has several repair places for getting their iPad fixed. Here is one I recommend:

iPhone Repair Lakeland FL www.iphonerepairlakeland.com 1043 East County Road 540A Lakeland, FL 33803 (863) 279-7127

I can only give you a loaner to use if you bring a copy of your receipt, showing your device is being fixed.

Don’t lose your iPad....

Make sure to keep Find my iPhone turned on. That way if you misplace your iPad on campus I can help you locate it by going to iCloud.com


If you need additional help with anything iPad related, don't hesitate to stop by and see me. My office Is located Out the back of the Media Center doors and to the left.

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