MIS News November 20th, 2020


Exceeding Expectations: The following students received five or more positive marks on their Character Card for the week of November 9th-13th. We appreciate them for being respectful, responsible, having a positive attitude and for leading by example.

4th Grade

Chris T., Isabella Y., Bentlee H., Alexis K., Ali M., Ava M., Evelyn P., Maxx P., Palmer A., Jonathon C., Karlie M., Keegan C., Gwen M., Jackson F., Mia B., Liam M., Mila M., Vivienne C., Ian C., Josiah B., Parker L., Dellen D., Andon C., Greyson B., Skylar K., Maddie L., Sylus G., Ryan Y., Jon A., & Lillian K.

5th Grade

Audrey L., Emma M., Kam D., Maggie H., Chase A., Will P., Kayla Y., Aiden V., Emma M., Melanie T., Zavier J., Molli J. Olivia S., Parker A., Avery H., Zoey B., Justin B., Mia B., Addison B., Brennyn C., Carter E., Isabella F., Quentin G., Grace G., Garrett H., Elijah K., Colton M., Xander O., Hope R., Gavin R., Gavin S., Kash J., Siwei H., Lucas G., Allison S. & Kellan Z

6th Grade

Abigail Y., Audrey M., Samantha C., Grayson Y., Paige T., Elly F., Kaylee M., Nicholas D., Jaxon B., Caroline F., Sophia W., Danny B., Reese H., Anna M., Nathan R., Ally H., Chloe S., Kate G., Nevaeh C., Jack W., Brennan J., Addison B., Kolbie W., Josie K., Demi M., Ava H., Anna L., Rylan B., Garrett J., Roger D., Georgia J., & Noah S.


The office staff would like your help in recognizing our staff. Please take a few moments and use the link below to provide some encouragement to those folks that are making a major difference in your child's future. These comments can be anonymous, or you can provide your name. The office staff will use the provided comments every Thursday for our #thankfulThursday movement. The attached form can be completed, as little or often as you like, throughout the entire school year. We appreciate your support in growing the culture of gratitude that already exists at MIS!!

A comment shared this week:

Mr. Berrier - "Thanks for being the best 5th grade teacher. I had so much fun in your class. I wish I was able to be in school the whole time."

"Mrs. Parsons is always so kind and helpful when I call. I can only imagine how much more hectic her job is this year. Thanks for all you do."

2nd Semester change in placement request (VIRTUAL VS. ON- SITE)

If you plan to change your child's educational placement from virtual to on-site OR on-site to virtual at the beginning of second semester (January 4th, 2020), please complete this form so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for your child. IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE NO CHANGES, PLEASE DON'T COMPLETE THE FORM.

If you plan to change your child's placement, this form must be completed by November 24th, 2020. Please note that if you have multiple children for which you plan to modify the placement, you will need to complete the form for each child.

spell bowl team

Congratulations to the Spell Bowl Teams! Our 4th grade team earned 28 points. Brigid S. will receive a “near perfect” ribbon. She spelled 6 of the 7 words correctly!

The 5th/6th grade team spelled 40 words correctly as a group. “Near Perfect” ribbons will be awarded to: Garrett J., Willow S., Lucy S., and Jack W.

Spelling all seven words correctly and earning a “Perfect Speller” ribbon goes to Audrey H.

Mrs. Tilley, Spell Bowl Coach, is very proud of all spellers. She appreciated their efforts the past three months to learn to spell 750 words! We appreciate Mrs. Tilley for making the efforts to provide our students with this opportunity in spite of the circumstances we are currently in.

Ilearn testing and virtual learners

pto and national education week

We would like to thank the PTO for the kindness they shared this week. We are thankful for the support that we receive from the PTO throughout the year; however, our staff was greatly appreciative of the meals and snacks that were provided this week!

covid update

We want to personally thank the families of our MIS students. We have yet to have a positive student case 71 days into the school year. Although we realize this good fortune could change at any time, we know that this is because of your diligent efforts to self screen at home and the extra care you take to be sure that you don't send a sick child to school. In addition, I know you are making thoughtful choices about exposure risks outside of school. MIS families have been so supportive in helping us keep school open and as safe as possible for students. We are grateful for all you are doing.

We continue to remind you that if any member of your household has a pending COVID-19 test, you should not send your child to school until the results of that test return negative. Thanks for helping us slow the spread during this difficult time of year.


Our school will be participating in the SchoolStore program again this year. This online program helps our school earn cash without students selling door-to-door, collecting money or delivering products. Over 400 merchants, including Kohl's, Old Navy and WalMart.com, have joined together to offer up to 50% of sales to our school for shopping through SchoolStore.com.

You shop online for what you are planning to purchase anyway and support our school. Simply go to www.schoolstore.com, select our school (School code: 8981) and let the shopping begin!! Feel free to share with family members and friends.


November 25th: Teacher Flex Day for P/T Conferences (No School)

November 26th/27th: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 21st-January1st: Winter Break (No School)



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Office: Mr. Whitaker & Mrs. Leliaert

4th Grade: Mr. GilmanMrs. Hall, Mrs. Herron & Mrs. Tilley

5th Grade: Mr. Berrier, Mr. Gilman, & Mrs. Wayne

6th Grade: Mrs. Blasdel, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. LeiberMrs. Proper, Mrs. SincroftMrs. Warner & Miss Wiseman

Related Arts: Mrs. BassoMrs. Beuoy, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. HackerMrs. Reynolds & Miss Stewart

Literacy/Math Coach: Mrs.Johnston



PTO CONTACT: MaxwellPTO.president@gmail.com

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