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General Overview

Built around the common knowledge that 67% of high school and college students survive on the caffeinated drink known as coffee, this company is dedicated to providing the perfect space for socializing, catching up on work and of course, providing just the right amount of energy to survive your day. Our baristas, along with providing you with the most delicious coffee and snacks, are also trained to remind you what day it is, what classes you have and help you come up with excuses for why you didn't finish your assignments. For those visiting us during our later times and need any academic assistance, our baristas also double as tutors, and for a negotiated price can proofread your work, correct and mistakes or teach you an entire semesters worth of material in an hour. Our company is built entirely around the needs of our millennial customers, the wifi free and fast, all drinks customizable, and our available snacks range from the newest diet trends to the most unhealthy junk food. Finally, fully aware that our customers might need our services at the most ungodly hours, we are open 24 hours ready to cater to your caffeine needs at four when you finally start that essay.

Our unique style present in both the way we serve drinks, the drinks we serve and our worldwide cafe's make our company unique and widely appreciated.


To provide students around the world with enough energy to survive until the weekend, through our strongest, most delicious coffee, and ensure that they pass the majority of their classes.


We wish not only to be the most sought out cafe by millennials by 2018, but also ensure that students procrastinating until the last second can finish their work at ungodly hours in comfort.

Industry Analysis

The cafe industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world, with Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts receiving millions of customers each day, however there is plenty of space for new, smaller shops. On the U.S. retail level, ground coffee took the largest sales share with 45.8 percent of retail sales in 2016, followed by single-cup coffee. Coffee exporting alone is a $20 billion dollar industry, while according to the international market, coffee is worth over $100 billion worldwide.

With large worldwide brands becoming more and more popular, especially ones providing unique products as well as services, this company is constantly growing to become a true international company. The average American is said to drink approximately 1.64 coffees a day, while college and high school students an average of 3.5. Consequently, several coffee shops have focused on catering to their younger customers, only to face success. Our customer base is constantly growing, and we are opening in 15 new locations worldwide. With Starbucks' income at 2.82 billion US dollars and Dunkin' Donuts at 828.89 million US dollars we have plenty to grow, however with our 526 million income we have plenty of potential as a company.


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