CRAVE Youth?Anti-aging Serums With CBD and Botanical actives

Craving young healthy skin? Yeah, me too, which is why I created this potent serum duo. Why two serums? It's complicated, and yet so simple; potency and customization.

Crave Salvation is a 100% lipophilic serum of active plant oils, CBD, and botanical extracts that are lipid soluble. All skin (even break-out prone) needs oil for lipid balance. Salvation oil is intense moisturization, and contains a myriad of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and oils that are known to combat inflammation. Salvation Oil is a pure moisturizer that will make your skin glow naturally.

Crave Virgin Skin is almost entirely a hydrophilic serum that has been loaded-up with vitamins, botanical nutrients, and moisture magnets that pull water from the air to your skin. Hydration (from water) is different than moisturization (from oil.) The botanical nutrition and antioxidants in this serum are combined with CBD and are preserved and emulsified naturally to create a light serum that will help to tighten and brighten your skin while soothing, calming, and conditioning your epidermis. This serum makes your skin evenly toned, tight and strong.

Why not combine them into one serum? I repeat; potency and customization. By keeping the oils and waters separate, potency is kept extremely high because there are no additional emulsifiers to hold the oils and water-based ingredients together. If you read the label of traditional creams or lotions, much of the formula is taken up by synthetic emulsifiers that can damage your epidermis. Also, the ability to customize your skincare by adding oil drop by drop instead of having it already emulsified into a cream allows you to customize. How much or how little, and where you use the oils is up to you. So if you don't want oil on your t-zone but you need it on your cheeks, you can totally do that.

So if you are looking to turn back the clock naturally, with CBD and active botanicals, and you would like to avoid the chemical-laden traditional beauty products, give Virgin Skin and Salvation Oil a try! Check out my website to see why these products are so effective:

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