Stylish Streetwear by Gabi Nadeau

Walking into school, beat up sneakers hit the floor, familiar faces stroll by, but the people that stand out are the kids who are bold enough to wear what they want. They're the ones who rock what the other kid was to scared to rep, they are the kids to set the trends, not to follow them.

“Some people should step out of their comfort zone a little bit,” Held said. “Maybe choose their own style that they like, instead of following everybody else, you know?”

Sophomore Sarah Held thinks everyone should be unique with their style. People shouldn’t follow others and should wear their own pieces of clothing they put together themselves, not others.

Over this school year the amount of students who are wearing "athleisure" or street wear have increased. Big brands like Nike, Champion, and Converse are becoming more popular. Students who have streetwear style like to rock chains, neon colors and eye catching patterns, mixing and matching whatever flows, which is what is so unique and special about this style.

Air force 1 shadows in navy/green/ pink color combo.

One of the newest trends are Nike Air Forces. The most popular is the classic low top white AF1’s but the trend setters have opted for other versions that include hightop, colored, or patterned air forces, which take culture in the athletic vibe Nike has provided.

Nike SF Air Force 1 High Lunar New Year
Williamson pairs Champion grey sweatshirt with a green flannel for a comfy casual look.

Juniors Liam Rappleye and Spencer Williamson are two who fit the streetwear look. They have a lot of outside influences as well as take part in thrifting which has also become a trend in streetstyle to snatch authentic pieces.


Gabi Nadeau