Horses All about Horses

A Horse's Body

(Description)You might think a horses body is more complicated than a human's body because they are larger and they weigh more but there body system is very easy to learn and remember. The spot between the ears is the pole and the top of their bottom is the dock. The easiest to remember is the belly which is known as the barrel. Those are the most simplest parts of the horse's body. To remember the belly, or barrel I think of a barrel which since the horse's belly is so large it looks like a barrel. Some stables have have horses who have metal hoofs. They should get there hooves changed about every two weeks but if the hoof becomes loose or it breaks you should get it fixed right away.

Diagram of a horse

How do clear foot fungus?

(Problem and Solution)Did you know horses can get foot fungus? They occur in the hoof wall and the frog. Infection in the wall is related to as white line disease. To treat these you could use White Lightning or Clean Trax. Others like Lysol and Borax can be used but I prefer Clean Trax and White Lightning. You will have to keep it constitnet or it will be a waste. After the fungus has been removed ,make sure to pick your horses hoof out regularly and after you ride.

Foot Fungus examples

A Horse's Life Cycle

(Sequence)A horses life cycle an be broken down into four phases. Birth, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. A pregnancy for a horse will last 11-12 months. When a baby horse is born it is called a foal. After about a year of being a foal the foal turns into a colt. Then after a few years the colt will become an adult and earn the name of a horse. Soon after that the horse will find a mate and the cycle starts over again. The common life span of a horse is 25-30 years.

Life cycle of a horse

Horse Shows

(Cause and Effect)If you are training your horse for a show you would want your horse to do good. Training a horse takes a lot of time and patience. You will have to show the horse who is boss. First things first your horse will need to learn how to trot. After your horse has mastered that you are allowed to attend shows. Since you have trained so hard I guarantee you will do great.

Horses can jump at certain shows.

Horse vs. Donkey

Horse VS. Donkey Who will Win?

Horse vs. Donkey

(compare and contrast) You might think a donkey and a horse are the same . Well they might have similarities but they are very different. Lets talk Chromosomes. Horses have 64 Chromosomes and Donkeys have 62. If a male donkey and a female horse mate it is called a mule. If a male horse and a female donkey mate it is called a hinny. The offspring of a horse and a donkey is 63 Chromosomes. A horses average life span is 25-30 years. A female donkey live to be at least 12-15 years. Donkeys are used for a working animal in poor countries for at least 5000 years. Horses are used to pull carriages and for horse shows and for good looks. A horses height is from 4.7-6 feet as an adult. A donkey's height is from 2.6-5.2 feet as an adult. The average weight of a donkey is 180-1100 lbs. as an adult. The average weight of a horse is 840-2200 lbs. as an adult.


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