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Featured Story: The Killing Of Bob Shelton

So as you can see by the title already, I will be telling you about Johnny killing Bob. So Johnny and Bob were in a parking lot and already johnny hated bob and i mean HATED. So vaguely what happened was that Johnny had a knife and stabbed him and he bled out from there. Johnny was already nervous and scared after growing up in an abusive home, but when he was jumped by four Socs and beaten nearly to death, it changed him. One of the Socs who jumped him, Bob, wore three big rings that he used like brass knuckles. Johnny would carry scars with him for the rest of his life from that beating. Later, as Ponyboy, Two-Bit, and Johnny were walking with Cherry and Marcia after the drive-in, they ran into Bob again. Bob was mortified to see his girlfriend, Cherry, walking with a bunch of Greasers. He was a mean drunk who came to the park later that night looking for revenge. Ponyboy and Johnny both thought Ponyboy was going to drown that night. When Ponyboy regained consciousness, Bob was dead. Johnny had stabbed him in self-defense. And that night bob the soc died.

Daily Obituary

Johnny Cade was a troubled sixteen year old. His folks wanted nothing to do with him. He was in a gang called the "Greasers." The Greasers were a group that always stuck together. They have the true meaning of brotherhood. Johnny died because he was saving his best friend Ponyboy from a burning fire in a abandoned church. Johnny is a hero for putting his life on the line for friends and that’s really noble.

Daily Poetry, By The Famous Poet Kelvin Lamont Choice Jr.

“Grease” By Kelvin Lamont Choice Jr.

Riding bikes in on road

Smoking cigarettes like pro

Burning churches going down

So eden sank to grief

Then leaf subsides to leaf

Nature’s first green is gold

Her hardest hue to unfold

By the time you see this

You’ll be dead like a mole.

“The Good Old Days”- By Kelvin Lamont Choice Jr.

Running on the playground

Looking down and around

Walked in the house

Nothing but dust and rubbish

And a old spouse

Blue mustang chasing for us

Can’t catch us though because

We are running like cheetahs in the savannas

Greasers Thoughts on Rumble

My first thoughts during this rumble were a bit mixed. My emotions were high. But my intentions were extremely high. When the rumble began I quickly established my position on the left side of the street. I then fought one of the Socs. I hit him so hard that he feel to the ground, I think i heard a crack when he feel on the ground. I quickly ran as a I started to hear glass crack on the ground, even after we agreed to only skin. All of us Greasers ended up beating them Socs up so they all ran away.

Book Review of the Amazing Outsiders

Parents need to know that this story is about rebellion, peer pressure, and identity centers on two rival gangs of teens, the lowerish class the Greasers and the more well-handled, popular Socs . It includes underage drinking, fighting, delinquent behavior, a fatal stabbing, a rumble, drug usage and a suicide. But the characters that don't die and compelling story have consistently hooked middle school kids, teens, and reluctant readers since The Outsiders was first published in 1967. This book appeals to preteens (many read it in sixth grade) because that's the time when kids break into social cliques and life becomes tribal.The thrill and adventures of the book are outstanding that's why the book is still really popular.

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