Have you ever thought about playing baseball? You should, it’s America’s pastime. Baseball, in my opinion is the best game in the world because watching it is super entertaining, but to actually play the game is amazing! Just the feeling of hitting the baseball, or fielding the ball and getting someone out, is super fun! Just the fresh air and experience is amazing! Being outside, the warm weather and parents on the bleachers, watching their children, or in an MLB game where hundreds are watching everything all at once, the original snacks, peanuts and cracker jacks, are still just as popular since they first were introduced to the ballgame. Today, we have beef jerky, sunflower seeds, and other snacks. It all adds up to the experience. "Baseball is fun for anyone!"

Exercise & Cardio

¨Baseball is always fun and it is good for anyone!¨ One way baseball is a good sport for kids is because baseball keeps you fit, which is great for your health even if you don't play professionally. The types of workouts within the game itself are, running, stretching, etc. Running is great for your legs and hamstrings, making your leg muscles stronger. Stretching is overall a great thing to do daily because it loosens you up for your everyday life, stretches like Shoulder Circles, or Arm Circles, they are both similar but shoulder circles are working on your shoulders and arm circles are working on your whole arm.

Hand Eye Coordination

¨Pitching the ball and batting requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination¨ Another reason why baseball is is a good sport to play is, that it is good for hand eye coordination. Hand eye coordination is great for your reaction time and not only in the game itself, but it actually impacts your everyday life. For example, think of a vase falling from a shelf. if your hand eye coordination is good, you're more likely going to catch it faster, compared to a regular business man or someone who doesn't do physical sports.


Finally, if you aren't looking to be competitive, it a great sport to play in general, and is also super fun to play with friends, also to watch a game is amazing but to actually play one is golden. Watching play-off or world series games are the best and most fun to watch because it's intense and the players will most likely try a lot harder. Baseball is a sport where people come from all around the world to watch kids or professional athletes compete, just to sit down with a hot dog and some popcorn, is the best thing you could ask for.


Baseball is all around a super fun game, you can play with friends, compete, watch, and just enjoy a nice warm sunny day at the ball-park. These are the reasons why I play baseball: it´s fun, I love playing with friends, becoming fit just from playing a game, hitting home-runs, striking people out, I just love the whole experience. That´s my advice for YOU.


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