A few tips By Marie Young

Hello! I would like to share a few tricks of the trade (photography). Let me warn you, I am not an expert but I have learned a little while taking a few free lance photos around my town and house.

First, focus!! And I don't mean focus on the task. But that too. Mostly, the focus of the camera can completely change the picture. If you just snap a photo and click save, you may never actually realize how awesome and meaningful it can be. The picture of the rose above shows this factor of focus. The way I managed to focus only on the petals helps create a beautiful portrait of a rose. The way I focus on the bud helps draw the attention to it.

Second, Angle. This portrait of a hammock perfectly describes what I mean. The way the wood grain goes creates a path for your eye to travel on and makes the photo seem more natural. The angle of a picture can help make a picture original and new. Try to find a new angle, in anything (drawing, painting, photography).

Last, have a good subject. To me, this photo shows all three of the the tips I've mentioned, Focus, Angle, and a interesting subject. People don't want to see boring, drab photos of boring things, they want to see inspiring, creative pictures.

Hope you liked the few tips I have to share! I am not a professional so, if I'm wrong, just remember that it's my opinion, an you are entitled to your own!

Thanks! -Marie

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