Travel diary in Australia

Departure for Airport Sidney

This summer I went in Australia with my friends and we wrote a travel diary. After embarking on 20 Hour trip we arrived at the airport of Sidney , with a taxi we arrived at the hotel "Mercure Sydney" located a few steps from center . Before this trip we looked for the features general :

The australian is located in the southern hemisphere and is part of the oceania continent .it's between the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean.Its territory is flat ,the highest mountain is the kosciusko mountain in the australian alps.In this continent you can find 5 different environments: the Australian tropical forest , The bush, the outback, the black stamp and the big coral reef. Australia is a very arid country, the longest river is the Murray Darling and the largest lake is the Eyre.The coasts are low and sandy, but in south east are high and rocky. There are three types of climate: tropical in the north,temperate in the south and arid in the interior


the first stage of this trip is AYERS ROCK the symbol of ABORIGINAL culture . The tour guide explained its history :

. This mysterious monolith called ULURU is made up of two Mountains : KATA TJOTA , and MOUNTAIN CANNER . It finds himself in NORTHEN TERRITORY . ULURU is very vivid thanks to the colors it takes in differents parts of the day . Aborigines consider this sacred place .


Today, reduced to a few tens of thousands, Aborigines are protected by the Australian White House and try to preserve their millennial traditions. This popolation is formed by Hunters Who land no archeds and arrows but with the famous boomerang typical australian products . The simbolicity of material life , tools and ornament is balanced by extreme complexity of mytology and rituals. Australian Aborigines were considered to be the remains of the STONE AGE.

the two stage : beach .

Australia is famous for its great golden beaches we visited the beach near sidney and I loved it.

The economy of Australia is based in the physical appearance of the territory.

For this reason agricolture and mineral extraction apre the most developed sectors; in fact Australia is the first wool (in particular merinos wool) and diamonds producer. Cultivated soil is limited so the corn belt is poor, but the fruit farming is advanced.


There are also important vineyard and winery in Australia. In fact during our travel, we did a tour of vineyards in "HUNTER VALLEY" for example Ernest Hill Wines, a family run boutique vineyard where we tasted limited edition wines.

Ernest Hill Wines of Hunter Valley

In the most important cities like Sidney, Newcastle and Melbourne, there are the bigger industries, especially steel and metallurgical industries. The country exports mainly raw materials, and imports finished products.


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