Medicine Lil Big History

Big History

Big History is a class that teaches kids about how the earth began starting with threshold 1 - the Big Bang, thresholds mark the beginning of a new period on earth were history is made

Medicine - Medicine is the science and the practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases

Medicine is a important to the global society because, medicine is what can keep lots of people alive, without medicine there would still be diseases and earths population of humans would be 0

Natural & new forms of Medicine

Goldilock Conitions

  1. Ingredients - Ingredients is one of the important Goldilock conditions because you need ingredients for it all to begin and to make new and more complex medicine
  2. The Big Bang - Without the Big Bang nothing would be here today, and there would be no need for medicine cause there would be no earth to have
  3. Innovation - Without innovation we would not be able to keep up with the change and complexity of diseases and there would be a large fall in population
Life on Earth
Thresholds & Goldilock conditions that were needed


Thresholds - Thresholds are placed on a timeline to mark increasing complexity and what was needed to create that Threshold

Over time medicine has changed over all 9 thresholds

Threshold 5, Life on Earth - without threshold 5 there would be no use for medicine, and with life on earth people were not the smartest yet and diseases grew over time and remedies were needed to keep us alive

Threshold 6, Collective Learning - With collective learning humans would be able to make new tools, with new tools and new food and other resources, better medicine can be made and new prevention can be made and the spread of these ideas keeps most of us alive

Threshold 8, The Modern Revolution - with the modern revolution humans created new technology and machines and moved to new places were there was more resources, when other countries came to america some people on the ships had diseases which the natives new how to cure, but the diseases that other countries were immune to the natives weren't so many of them died from disease



  • Medicine began back when we first came to earth
  • Just natural plants and foods that kept us alive and prevented diseases Ex. oranges which contain vitamin c got rid of disease on boats (North America)
  • Ancient Egypt also used ways of surgery and ways of removing body parts and natural plants and remedies mainly herbs
Early forms of Medication

Work cited

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