Vocabulary francisca v.

Acute- a severe or difficult situation or phenomon Flint Michigan's residents were experiencing acute regarding finding lead in their water .

anonymous - a person not identified by name When you send in tips to the police you can say your name or be anonymous .

Apprehensive - anxious or fearful that something bad might happen I got very apprehensive when Donald Trump became president.

Arrogant - having a revealing an exaggerated sense of ones own importance or ability Arrogant people tend to hype themselves up to much and sometimes its a lie.

Bestow -to put to some use apply If you spend all your time on your phone or tv your time wasnt well bestowed

Donor - A person who gives someone money or goods “a person who donates”

Phobia- an extreme fear of something My biggest Phobia are Big Dogs.

Prominent - Important Famous Kylie Jenner is a prominent person.

prudent-acting with or showing care and thought for the future . Teachers would recommend their students to be prudent .

Recipient- a person or thing that is awarded something During the 2017 Oscars they called the wrong recipients up to the stage for best picture academy award .

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