Keson Kwong

Tomato project

In this tomato project, we divided the project into two parts by first creating a tomato model in Illustrator then designing a package for it. In the process of designing, I named the brand “Ketomoto”. In the creation of the name, I extract the “K” and “E” from the first two letters of my name. As for “tomoto”, it carries the meaning of “originality” in Japanese. From this, I wanted to express that this brand uses fresh tomatoes produced in Japan, and that we pay high attention to the quality of materials which are used in our product. In addition, the name, “Ketomoto” is relatively easy to pronounce comparing to other Italian and French names. This allows the consumers to remember it easily.

As for the design, I chose brown paper as my base color for that it gives out a sense of nature, and matches with the meaning of the brand name. Furthermore, the typography, color and layout were designed in a modern fashion to create a strong contrast with the brown Kraft paper which carries a retro style. The collision of the two style creates a contradictory yet forgiving uniqueness for the package.

Overall, this project allowed me to further investigate more functions on Illustrator, and letting me knowing how to apply the design principles in to the market of packaging.

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