CO-OP Connection Featuring: Joshua Gangemi


  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Sport: Men's Cross Country/Track & Field

Future Goals:

"To be in a line of work I'm passionate about."

Current co-op: Biomedical Engineer at Lyndra Therapeutics

In His Own Words

My name is Josh Gangemi and for the past four years I’ve been studying biomedical engineering. Alongside academics I am also captain of the Wentworth Cross Country & Track and Field teams. For cross country we run the standard 8k, for track my events are also distance oriented like the mile, 3k, and 5k. I chose Wentworth because it was the sweet spot that allowed me to meet as much of my college search criteria as possible. It wasn’t too close to home but close enough I could go home on a weekend if needed. It was also one of the few schools that had biomedical engineering! I’m glad I ended up in the city of Boston because it is a global hub for biotech, I’ve been able to see how true this really is after spending a year at my Coops company..

I work for a small company in Watertown called Lyndra Therapeutics, our mission is to create an ultra-long acting, oral dosage form that will remain resident in the body for 1, 2, or 4 weeks. We plan to improve patient compliance and health by removing the struggle of daily pills. Other companies have attempted this but Lyndra has been the most successful because they were the first to take a mechanical approach to achieve gastric residency.

My daily routine is never the same, which is one of the reasons I enjoy Lyndra so much. Broadly speaking, my routine consists of CAD design, digital manufacturing/prototyping, and process development. Every morning I sit down at my desk and check my email while eating a bagel and yogurt that are provided in the community kitchen. After that I usually begin working on my CAD projects and grab a cold brew from our cold brew tap (ya I said cold brew tap!). After doing that for a little while I might go into the lab and continue working. This could range from further prototyping fixtures or assembling numerous dosage forms for in-vivo dog studies or in-vitro mechanical tests. I run our dosage forms through numerous mechanical tests to help characterize the weakness in our dosage form.

I’m extremely thankful that I ended up at Wentworth because co-op has prepared me for the professional world like no other. I can confidently say I will graduate ahead of my field thanks to co-op but more specifically thanks to Lyndra. There is so much you learn on the job that you can’t in class. Thanks to Lyndra I have learned how anticipate and analyze failure modes, along with set up novel tests/experiments to characterize our product. The Lyndra team treats me as another employee, showing me plenty of responsibility and trust which has helped me grow immensely as an engineer.

I’d like to thank Lyndra for being an amazing platform for me to grow not only as an engineer but as a person. I started my first coop with them in January or 2018 and have been working for them full and part time ever since. Over this time, they’ve taught me doubt is your biggest enemy, as a person and as an engineer. They’ve inspired me to keep elevating my knowledge, I plan to one day obtain my PhD in Biomedical Engineering and have Lyndra to thank. I also want to thank my supervisor Craig Simses for making my professional experience so powerful and knowledgeable I couldn’t ask for a better mentor.


Josh takes us behind the scenes on what a typical day looks like for him at Lyndra. Take a look at the link below!


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