Arsenic The King of poisons

Basic Facts

Symbol: As

Atomic number: 33

Atomic mass: 74.922

Number of Neutrons: 42

Number of Electrons: 33

Number of Protons: 33

Melting point: 817.0° C

Boiling poing: 613.0° C

Normal phase: Solid


My element belongs to the Phosphorus family


My element is a Metalloid, meaning that it is a nonmetal in combination with a metal and it forms an alloy!

Who discovered arsenic?

Arsenic was supposedly discovered by Albert the Great(Albert Magnus) but it was so long ago that no one really knows who truly discovered it.

It was discovered in 2500 B.C.

Origin of name

The origin of the name is the Greek word Arsenikos

Interesting Information

  • Yellow Arsenic is the most poisonous, a large dose of it can cause immediate death.
  • There is gray Arsenic, yellow Arsenic, and black Arsenic.
  • From the Roman to Victorian era, Arsenic was known as the "King of Poisons" as well as the "Poison of Kings."
  • It is tasteless and odorless, therefore it is the perfect poison.
  • When Arsenic is heated it releases a smell similar to garlic.
  • Ladies in the Victorian era used to eat a concoction of chalk, arsenic, and vinegar to make their skin complexion lighter.


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