Panorama Media a proposal

"curate your best life."

Fueled by a mosaic audience, Panorama Media promotes your best quality of life. We are a person-first creative resource and platform. We revolutionize inclusivity through immersive content and consistent community engagement.. Together, we create your space and encourage expression from every modality.

I spent a great deal of time in your survey responses, and pulled away one beautifully centralized theme: intimacy, vulnerability and complicated yet delicate uniqueness of humanity.

My aesthetic vision for Panorama is to help your audience foster relationships through an engaged, authoritative, guiding and loving voice (think Claire Huxtable)—with images that pull your audience inside, through, and on the other side of your stories—whether it be on the Calendar of Events or the About Us page—your audience should be able to see their possibilities in your content.

Your community is a hive: all parts building steadfastly together with each function willfully serving the larger purpose. Your site should showcase the hopes of each member of your hive, while calling back to your greater cause: artful inclusivity and creative collaboration. We spoke about your aesthetic stripping down anything that was unimportant to highlight and colorize the complexity, details and themes of everything resting in the frame.

The images below are the windows into your community. They inspire both the aesthetic approach to the overall brand, and speak carefully to the emotions you cited in your survey as Panorama wanting to illicit: unconditional love, attain/tangibility, art, crush-wonder, excitement, belonging, therapeutic release, intent, total arrival, liberation—and not just any magic, but Disney magic. What do these images illicit for you.

"We are first and foremost artists coming together to create art, and a platform for more artists to do the same. The most important part of what we do is the content we create and how it aids and benefits the people who consume it."


Based on the content you have or don't have, we can create images go to in line with stories that can be generated for the site as well as photos and stories that can rotate here.

You also mentioned "founder" headshots so we'll talk about that!


Your website is both the love note and invitation that goes out to every visitor, and at Panorama, everyone is invited. Minimalist templates invite possibility, and based on your survey analysis Greenwich and Five are the Squarespace templates designed to not only showcase your content in a clean and concise way, but balances out the conflict between both of your choices to have either a scrolling or paginated site. The flexibility of these templates truly generates the best of both worlds!

You can take a test drive on Five here, or play around with Greenwich over here. Be sure to test on both the mobile and desktop/tablet versions, and keep in mind that the mobile version will be your most used platform!

I haven't forgotten about Ground Zero! Once we get into the development stage of your pages we'll talk more closely about this as it is its own page.

Art in the front, service in the back: that's the approach I want to take when designing and laying out your brand and the services you'd also like to feature. The above images inspire the portion of your site that invites people into who you are and the possibilities of what you can do. We can include stock images like these in the meantime.


If the website is the love note, the logo is the seal. Your survey results revealed a preference for timeless and modern design. In our conversations we talked about a text-only logo, but I saw some extra details in the surveys that highlighted both clean and colored styles, so I've laid out some inspiration with subtle neutrals, clean shapes and stony textures.

Below is your first round of logo fonts with body text fonts to complement just below that! Take a look and review/approve or send notes!

More Fonts

Take a look!! I diverted on a couple of these fonts to add a little funk. And also changed our notes at the bottom :)

Panorama Stock Photography + Headshoots Mood Board

For the head shots I want the portraits to break the “4th wall” so to speak; where you can see subject and background, artist and tool. I'll also use bits and pieces of you guys for this. Some portraits will be posts, while others will take an interview approach. We chat, I shoot.

For the stock photography, this is just to mirror what's highlighted above. I want to focus on the diversity of people in intimate portraits both in a “studio” like setting and/or outside. I want to do some of the shooting in Charlotte, and some in Winston. I also want to work with actual objects (paintbrushes, cameras, film, shoes and paper textures for example), items that connote “work” but can stand alone as their own feature. This can be done by me in Winston but we can collaborate on which tools we want to use.

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