Firearms Training @ BSR

Introduction to BSR Firearms Programs

The shooting program at BSR is an excellent place to learn. It does not matter if you are brand new to firearms or a seasoned operator. BSR has some the top instructors in the industry. Our professional & certified instructors have the real world experience to help you advance your current skill set. Utilizing two range complexes encompassing six different ranges, we are able to offer a wide variety of classes. They range from a basic pistol course, for the newer firearms enthusiast, to shooting in and around vehicles while evacuating a protectee.

As you scroll down through this page you will see more detailed descriptions of our facilities. As well as descriptions of many of our classes. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please keep in mind that BSR is always willing customize classes to meet our clients needs.

"K" Range Complex

This area has three separate ranges.

The left and right are 100yrd & 50yrd max shooting distance. Each has 14 lanes and will accommodate calibers up to 7.62.

While the center has 2 lanes with a reactive steel target system. However this range can be reconfigured as a 10 lane standard range for paper or standing steel targets. This area accommodates FMJ rounds up to .45 cal and frangible ammunition.

The classroom and restrooms are directly adjacent to the ranges so there is no travel time from class to range.

Bravo Range Complex

These are our long distance ranges.

B1 - 100 yard Covered with rotating target system. 16 lanes. Calibers up to 7.62

B2 - 200 yards with rotating and traversing target system. 17 lanes. Calibers up to .50.

B3 - 300 yards. 17 lanes. Calibers up to .50.

Bravo Ranges

100 yards fully covered with berms on both sides helping shield shooters if it gets windy.
Baffled for sound with lights and ventilation fans.
16 lane rotating target system

Types of shooting classes conducted at BSR.

We not only offers classes to companies, government agencies and the military, we have many open enrollment classes for the public as well.

As with all training options at BSR we are happy to create custom firearms classes that meet your exact training requirements.

Standard Classes

Pistol - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Carbine - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Pistol & Carbine - 2 or 3 day class

Student Ryan L. Brooks says:

"After 15 years of weapons training, this has to be the most informative firearms training course that I've been involved with."

Specialty Classes

These classes go beyond the skills taught in the standard classes. With subjects such as :

Shooting from cover
Engaging threats from inside a vehicle
Car shoot demonstration - Shows what really stops a bullet and what does not.
PSD Cross-load / Evacuation drills

and shooting while moving. The skills taught in these advanced classes will definitely take you to the next level.

Please remember that custom classes are always an option. BSR is happy to create any class you need. Just let us know your training requirements and we will take care of the rest.

Student Mac Cris says:

"Some of the best training I received was from the instructors of at BSR. They are experts in their art and the best in the business at what they do. If you want to survive on the “X”….these are your guys.”

Women Only Class

The women only course is designed to create a training environment that is encouraging and comfortable. The course content mirrors the curriculum of the Basic Handgun Course and is designed to prepare shooters for more advanced training

Graduates of our 1st Women Only Beginner Pistol Course

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