Mining and Drilling By ethan hutsko

To fix the Mining and Drilling problem you could put a tarp or dome over the query to stop the dust and minerals from escaping.

What is mining and drilling- Mining and drilling is the process or industry of obtaining coal or other minerals from a mine.

This is an old fashioned mining and drilling machine
They are digging a query.

Negative effects- It takes up space on the earth, we could use the space for needed business areas to make jobs for citizens, it also could be used to make homes for people who need them. The air could get polluted, do you wonder why in places you can't see stars clearly then when you go to the country area you can with no problem see the stars. Mining and drilling's air pollution also contributes to global warming and we don't want that.

Positive effects- We get resources that are must needs in life, for examples metals that are used to build things, and salt for food and getting rid of snow. It makes rooms for landfills, after the query is made and all of the resources are taken out of it we could use that for our trash. The resources that we get produce energy for us and they make new ideas for inventions. It creates jobs, people could mine and drill for a living and make money

It could be dangerous.

Solution- To solve the problem of mining and drilling's negative effects on the environment you could build a dome or put a tarp over the query to stop the dust and minerals from escaping. So then it will stop air pollution and help to stop global warming. Yes, it will cost more money but it will help the Earth. We live here, we need to protect it.

This is a mining map



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