We all have a Story

When you think about the people around you, what do you see? Do you see just a sack of flesh and some bones or do you see a story?

Everyone on this earth has a story. As I traveled around I tried to figure out what each person’s story without asking them directly. What does a person go through on a daily basis or what has happened in the past to put them within the path of me on this particular day?

Walking in downtown Little Rock you will see many characters. From a kid playing the guitar for a little extra cash to a mime working to make a living. If you move to a smaller demographic you can still see differences in people, from a song choice to a hobby. We all come from different walks of life and each one has a story.

I constantly wonder why someone can be hateful to another human being based on their skin tone or what socioeconomic class they come from. I feel a little bit of anger bubble up in side of me when I see a race combating another race with the tag "Black lives matter". I think that all life matters. I do think there should be justice, but it needs to be appropriate. Scripture teaches us this. God is a merciful God, but He is also just.

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