Delaware prisons on the brink By: Suchat PedeRson

"Deleware's prison system is broken"- Single item lead
Throughout the Delaware area prisons are unable to afford necessities in order to run a prison which is leaving the pressure in the states hands and the inmates starving and needing medical care.-Summary lead
The Who of the article is the Delaware's prison,The what in the article is Prisoners went weeks without access to appropriate health care, The when is February 27, 2017.
The where in this editorial is also the Delaware prisons, the why in this article is Guards and medics were afraid/not getting paid enough so they left the prison leaving the remaining people outnumbered and not having enough money for medical support, and finally the how of this article is the states need to help out the prison and give them money to help fix these problems.
"In conclusion, the job of fixing Delaware prisons falls to the state and the state alone".
In order to resolve the problem in many Delaware prisons I believe with time and the support from the states they will be able to solve the issues occurring and treat the prisoners the way they deserve to be treated.

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