Top 5 Things Bearcats Can do Over Summer During summer Bearcats are often left home alone with nothing to do. Most of us are curious about what we can do without getting in trouble. With this article I can help you Bearcats to get some family friendly ideas to do over summer with friends or family.

1. Go to the lake.

Bearcats can do so many different activities at Lake Nacimiento with friends and family. If you live in Paso it takes about 20 minutes to drive out to the lake. You can enter Lake from Heritage Ranch, Lake Nacimiento Resort, and Oak Shores. If you are planning to get into Heritage Ranch or Oak Shores then you will need to know someone living inside of the community so they can call you into the gate.

2. Go to the Mid State Fair

The Mid State Fair is located in Paso Robles and has so many things to do within the Fair. (Fair dates: July 17th-July 28th) You can take your friends and family to the fair and have a stress free time while hanging out. Some things you can do in the fair is go on rides, go to concerts, watch the FFA and 4-H shows, eat tasty food, etc.

3. Go to the beach

The beach is a wonderful hangout spot for friends and family. While you’re at the beach you can do multiple activities. (i.e walk along the water, beach volleyball, boogie boarding,and skim boarding..etc) The beach is great place to hangout with friends or family even both at the same time.

4. Have a bonfire

Having a bonfire can be extremely fun. There’s multiple things you can do during a bonfire, you can roast s’mores, hang out with friends, have a BBQ, and just relax. Sitting around the fire with friends is super fun, when you’re sitting there you always end up laughing and enjoying yourself. There’s just something about being with your friends that can always brighten the mood.

5. Go hiking

When you go hiking you can connect yourself with your surroundings and really feel alive. Once you get to your destination you feel proud about yourself. There’s numerous of hiking places in California you go to. You can go hiking with anyone friends, family, or even alone.

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