Water use in Socal By: Alejandro aRANDA

We are using fresh water faster than we can replace it.
What are the Problems of over using our fresh water in southern California?
we are pulling water from different places that are not near southern California
We are using the Colorado River as our main source of water in Southern California but if we keep being wasteful with water it might not be enough for future use
  • We are depleting water from ecosystem that need the water to thrive.
  • Turning more places that used to be full of water into desserts
  • A lot of the water that we use goes into use outside of our homes and into the ground roughly 50% of the water is used for irigation
What can we do to save water?
  • First we can start by limiting the use of water for irrigation to a minimum
  • we can switch to drought tolerant plant that require less water and still keep our front yards looking nice and green.
  • Taking shorter showers and limiting bubble baths to a few times a month
  • Watering plants late at night so that the water does not evaporate faster.
Instead of filling your own backyard pool with water you can go to a public pool and share the water that is already being used with other people
By following easy water saving techniques and making them into habits we can conserve the beauty of our world.

The End


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