Consequences of Preventable Destruction Hannah Martin - 2021 #FutureFirst Fellow

Pushed Towards Peace The sculpture of a bomb with the Earth on it represents our world being on the brink of nuclear destruction. The hand with flags from countries from all over the globe is being pushed by people to pinch out the bomb, estingusting the fuse. The 5 fingers closest to the lit fuse are the countries with the top 5 nuclear arsenals as well as permanent members of the UN Security Council.
Generational Warfare The rib-cage in this image is surrounded by red roses. It carries a nuclear bomb within to represent the radiation that lives within victims of nuclear war long after their detonation. The effects will affect families and generations to come.
Up In Smoke The mushroom cloud in this sculpture has a full circle of buildings and homes at the bottom modeled after buildings devastated in the bombing of Hiroshima in the 1940s.

Hannah Martin is a Sociology and International Studies student at the University of Michigan. She was raised in Pontiac, Michigan by a Croatian public school teacher and an African American cop. Hannah hopes to pursue a career in human rights law and to continue sculpting for the rest of her life.