Felicia lorraine Padilla

Life in College

Before coming to college, I was always active in sports such as tennis and softball. My plan was to play in college whether it be for the University’s team or the club sport. I was extremely ecstatic to come to college to play in a club because I did not get a scholarship, but I commute to campus. I live in Norwalk which is west of Fullerton about 30 minutes away. I had no problem, but with traffic 30 minutes turns into 50 minutes. Still nothing stood in the way.

In the first two weeks of my freshman year of September 2014, I was demanded and forced by my parents to get a job to pay for rent, my car insurance, gas and college expenses. Luckily, I found a job in a week not to far from my house, literally down the street; but I started off working 30 plus hours, leaving no time to join any club sports and clubs in general. All meeting and events occurred either during class or work.

All I focus on is work and school, I have complaints from my parents of never seeing me. My response always is, “You wanted me to get a job and be independent and responsible.” Till this day, I am on my last GE course and beginning to take my pre-recs as well as my core classes. I am a declared Communications major with a concentration in Entertainment and Tourism, and I have a plan to minor in Cinema Television Arts.

Semester Project:


Before my third year of college, I started to search for internships. Most internships appear to want people who have knowledge of software products such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe cloud and I had no experience of neither one of these. I searched for courses that can teach me to utilize these platforms, and as of now I am above the beginner levels in theses platforms; Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe Audition. Still I have more to learn and want to strive to find my career, and the funny thing about that is I do not know what I want to do. All I know is I want to do something in the entertainment industry that made my choice to emphasize in entertainment and tourism.

The Voice Picked my Major

Story time! Junior year of high school I attended a TV taping of the Voice at the Universal Studios Back lot. I checked in with my friend, Blondie, and sat under a huge canopy with about 150+ people. A man named Heath, a member of 1iota productions, rallied every one of us to be prepared to enter the Stage 12, letting us know we must expect to wait for more than two hours just to get inside of Stage 12. Heath had so much energy, and passion with his speech and delivery; he got to work around a team that is passionate for the entertainment industry and built relationships with the judges. I overheard a man ask Heath how he got this job, and Heath responded with applying to 1iota and having a degree in Communications. I want this job, that is how I choose my major.



My love for music ranges from many genres, although I am not into metal or hardcore rock; I do have an open mind for anything else. Concerts I've been to have a price range of FREE to $150, clear to say those high priced were festivals; but some have been given free due to give aways on Twitter and school!

Personally, I rather push my way to the front and experience the front line of sweat, light head-ness because it is all worth the vibe, and the potential of being pulled up on to stage or even a hand touch. It is worth the experience!



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