Answer To No One By Colt Ford

Declaration Of Independence

2012 | Country

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“I won't back up, I don't back down, I've been raised up to stand my ground. -- Take my job but not my guns, tax my check till I ain't got none. -- Except for the good Lord up above, I answer to no one."


  • Jason Farris Brown was a professional golfer, playing on the Nationwide Tour.
  • Ford has charted six times on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and co-wrote "Dirt Road Anthem" with Brantley Gilbert.
  • Ford wrote the theme song "Buck 'em" for the Professional Bull Riders association.


Luke Tatum

Shucks howdy, y'all. This is somethin' fierce. To sum it up: "I love freedom, I vote Republican." Really? Seems that way. While I can certainly respect the attitude of never backing down and all that, this is a clear case of not practicing what you preach. It's as bad as a Thin Blue Line bumper sticker next to your Come and Take It bumper sticker. Do you not see the problem here, man? Jeez. Somewhat painful!

Sherry Voluntary

OMFG! Cognitive dissonance has a theme song and this is it.

Nicky P

I know this song is total bullshit. If I could narrow it down to just the chorus it might have a little merit but alas every other word in it completely belies the hook. Hoorah, god bless the USA lets kill all the Chinamen bullshit. But I resolved to keep it for a very specific reason. This is what people think libertarians are. We're just republicans that like weed to them. And why not. Assholes like this preach a good game but they don't stand on principle. It's more of a fashion statement than "punk" is and that's saying something. Anyway Sherry's response is really all the song deserved but I wanted it to be on the record that this is not what a libertarian is despite popular belief.

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Nicky P