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Niki Butkovic


Mindful Colouring is an app that allows the user to colour in and play mini games. You are given 10 colouring pages for free and you have to buy the next lot with coins. You are probably asking where the coins come from or how you earn the coins? Well, to earn coins you must play the mini games in the Mindful Colouring app itself. One of the mini games is memory cards. In this mini game you have a bunch of levels you must complete to earn more coins. The more coins you earn the more packs you can purchase. You will get one free spin a day to see what new card games you have unlocked. Once you have unlocked all the card games you can save them and get free access to them whenever you want. Winning mini games can get you some different colouring and drawing utensils. Once you have collected all the different utensils you can use them whenever you need them.

Flow chart

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