The Tell Tale Heart By Patrick Sand


The Tell Tale Heart is a story published by Edger Allen Poe in the mid-nineteenth century. The narrator is also the main character, who mentions repeatedly that he is nervous, which hints at a potential mental illness. He kills an old man, and hides him under the floorboards. The reason given was his eye. He also mentions, right before he confesses to the police, that he could feel the old mans heart beating under the floorboards. This obviously means that the narrator was insane.


  • Edger Allen Poe was 34 years old when this short story was first published
  • The Tell Tale Heart was first published in 1843
  • A journal entry called the pioneer first introduced the story in Boston

Reasons you should read The Tell Tale Heart

  • Interesting
  • Makes the reader want to find out what happens next
  • If you're interested in mental illness, murder and crime stories

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