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Brief History on the Lutheran Church

The Lutheran church had been brought up by Martin Luther, who had fought against the Catholic Church due to the catholic church being corrupt and selling indulgences. Luther had also declared that the bible should be converted to common language so everyone could read the bible, not just clergy members. Luther wanted the bible to be converted to common language so all could interpret the bible how they see fit. Luther had lead the Lutheran Church and helped form it during the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic and Protestant churches still do not get along to this day.

How the Bible is Viewed

Lutherans recognize different ways in which the bible can be viewed and interpreted. Lutherans use the bible as a guide is which the word of god is said. Lutherans are able to interpret the bible however they want and are able to since Martin Luther proclaimed that the bible should be converted to common language. This has given Lutherans, as well as other religions, freedom to read and interpret the bible however they want.

Their view on who God and Jesus are.

Lutheran view on God is that individuals receive the gift of salvation from god through faith. Also Lutheran believe that god made the world perfect, holy and sinless. Lutheran views on Jesus is he is both true God and true man. They believe that Jesus loved and cared for everyone one so much that he sacrifice his own life for everyone else. Mostly every Lutherans view on Jesus was he was their savior the one who saved everyone from their sins. Another view on Jesus was he was there for everyone even though he was not living on earth anymore and was now in heaven he was still working on creating faith in people, keeping people's faith strong and to keep faith in God's words. Also another view Lutherans have is Jesus is the only way to heaven and the only way to have a proper relationship with God. Without faith in Jesus it is impossible to please God and to have a relationship with God.

What are the beliefs that set them apart from other Christian groups?

There are four major Lutheran beliefs apart from the Christian group. The first major difference is the Elect. They believe that no person is capable of choosing God and choosing God over evil. The second major difference would be the role of good works. Lutherans believe that salvation can never be earned because God is capable of your salvation, however this does not mean people can sit around and do nothing. The Third major difference is paradoxes. Lutheran's believe that people are bound to sins and death, because Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross to free us from our sins. The last major difference is worship. Lutheran churches are not bound by any central authority and they don’t follow any particular format. Some other differences that are not as major are: Lutherans only practice two sacraments Baptism and communion while all the other Christian groups practice seven sacraments, including Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Holy Orders, and Matrimony. A second belief that sets Lutherans apart from Cristian groups is, Lutheran priests are allowed to marry and are not married to the church. Christian groups are married to the church and are not allowed to wed. They are married to the church to show pride.

General Beliefs

The book of Concord is an important part of the Lutheran faith, that all Lutherans used to look towards but now the modern Lutherans do not look towards it as much. The book of Concord is made up Luther and others answering accusations made by others based on that their teachings were contrary to basic beliefs. This book is a comprise and confessions of the Lutheran church. .

What happens after death?

In the Lutheran church they believe that fellowship in God even goes on after death. They believe that there two different places a Lutheran will go after their death. The first place is heaven. To Lutherans Heaven is a free gift. But everyone has sinned and those who have may not deserve God's gift to go to heaven. God made it possible to go to heaven by having his son Jesus die on the cross to save people from their sins. The second place they could be placed is Hell. Lutheran believe that hell is where people go that do not believe that the lord saved them from their sins. Hell is a where a sinner suffers externally by the devil, and once you are in Hell you never get out.

Structure of the Church

The Lutherans structure of the church baptize members are organized into congregations. Each congregation has a president or chair person. Each congregation belongs to a synod, there are five of these in the Lutheran church structure. They are located in Eastern Canada, Maritime, Prairies, Alberta and British Columbia as well as the Territories. Each Synod has an elected Bishop. The congregation in a synod are grouped together into small geographic areas called Conferences. The elected head of the conferences is a dean, who must be a member of the clergy. At every level in the Lutheran church structure there is an elected governing body called a council. These councils handle the routine decisions of the level of the church for which they are responsible for, through the people who elected them. These groups make major decisions at regularly held meetings. The clergy set aside special time for the ministry, as well time to study important matters. Each level have areas of responsibility and are unique.

The Churches View on Salvation

The church believes that assurance of salvation is looking to god's word and promises to Christ. Certainty and belief in faith and salvation is what shows and is a sign of true faith. With doubts and uncertainty in faith and salvation it shows that one does not have a true and strong faith. Salvation is what saves those who have faith in god from sins and consequences.

Lutheran Beliefs On Homosexuality, Abortion, Gay/Lesbian Marriages and Suicide

The Lutheran church believes that homosexuality, gay and lesbian marriages and abortion are sins and should not be conducted. The church believes that marriage is between a man and woman and never between two of the same sex but the Synod also believes that one can redeem the love of God no matter the level of their sinfulness. The church also believes that homosexuality is unnatural but the church is trying to plan out ministry for those that are homosexual. The church believes that abortion is wrong and that being pregnant is a "gift" and that one should have the child and if they still do not want the church after giving birth to put the child up for adoption. The church has no official stance on suicide, therefore they believe that people who commit suicide do not want to die or commit suicide but are overcome by the power of the devil. The church says they cannot judge those who commit suicide, only god can.

What are their views on sacraments? What sacraments do they practice? Views on Eucharist.

In the Lutheran church they only practice two sacraments. The Holy baptism and Holy communion. Lutheran views on the holy baptism is it's a special time where an infant is becoming a member of the church and a part of the Christian . During the time of the baptism the infant has holy water poured onto their forehead while a priest is saying "in the name of the father son and holy spirit." While the holy water is being poured on the infants forehead, they are receiving God's promise of salvation and also receiving the faith needed to be open to God's grace. Lutherans view on the holy communion is, it's a time family are touched by grace, learn confession, forgiveness and proclamation. Also it’s a time to learn about Jesus's last supper with the apostles and how the last supper provides fellowship with our lord and with each other while receiving the body (Bread) and the blood (wine) of Jesus Christ.

Gender Roles

There is no common teaching for Lutherans with gender roles within the church. Lutherans tend to have more in common with conservative Catholic and Protestants from other denominations than liberal Lutherans. Whereas liberal Lutherans tend to have more in common with their other liberal colleagues.


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