Vitamins and Minerals BY: Isdech "Jang" Amornwaraphak


Water Soluble Vitamins

is a vitamins that dissolve in and carried by water.

Vitamin B (Folic acid)

  • Helps body make new cells
  • Source: Dark green and leafy vegetable
  • Deficiency : Spina Bifida (Natural tube defect during fetal development)
Dark green and leafy vegetable

Vitamin C

  • Protect the body against infection
  • Source: Citrus fruit, Strawberries
  • Deficiency: Scurvy (bleeding gum, breakdown of collagen)
Citrus fruits

Fat soluble vitamins

is a vitamin that dissolve in and are carried by fat

Vitamin K

  • Help blood cut normally
  • Sources: Dark green leafy vegetable
  • Deficiency: Bleeding and Bruising
Dark green leafy vegetable

Vitamin A

  • Promote good vision, hair, and skin
  • Source: Red,orange, and dark green vegetable.
  • Deficiency: Night Blindness
Orange vegetable

Vitamin D

  • Build and maintain bone and teeth
  • Sources: Milk and dairy products, Sunlight.
  • Deficiency: Rickets (Bowed legs)

Vitamin E

  • Protect the membrane of white and red blood cells.
  • sources: vegetable oil, fruit, vegetable
  • Deficiency: poor nerve connection and neurological problems.
Example of vegetable oil


Macro - need large amounts of these minerals

Micro/Trace- need small amounts of these minerals.


  • Strength bone and teeth
  • Sources: milk/dairy product, Whole grain.
  • Deficiency: Osteoporosis (Bone becomes weak and brittle)
Dairy products


  • Helps make red blood cell and help muscle store oxygen.
  • Sources: Animal products, dark green vegetable.
  • Deficiency: Anemia (low red blood cell)
Animal products

Sodium and Potassium

  • Helps maintain fluid balance in the body.
  • Sources: Salt, fruit and vegetable.
  • Deficiency: Muscle cramp, irregular heartbeat.
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Isdech amornwaraphak


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