Photoshop A-H DOUG.S

I used the Crop tool to make the photo strait and not tilted.
I used the Magic wand to select and recolor the black and white image.
I duplicated the dolphin shrunk it a bit and put it on the moon then shrunk the moon to about half its normal size.
In this photo I added a brightness layer, a vibrancy layer then a levels layer attempting to make the photo look less gloomy.
I used a photo that was the same but recolored and put it in the background of the letters and used the gradient tool to fade the bottom of the word sunset.
I took the original cone and duplicated it twice, I put the duplicates behind the original then I used the Hue/Saturation tool on the bottom and top of the cones by using the quick select tool then I changed their color. After that I used the quick select again to select the middle strip of the cone and changed it to a different color then the outer ends.
I took the charlie and me layer and used the Distort tool to match the layer to the size of the billboard.
In this photo I used the spot heal tool to get rid of the scratches at the top of the photo the boat in the background,the bird in the sky and the dingy behind the big boat.
In this we had to make a movie poster with your self and a movie/T.V actor.
I took photos from google of a chalk board and one of a recipe for success and took the picture of the measuring cup from one and put it on the chalk board then I added the recipe for success with text to the board.

Easy tips for great design are...

1. Make it easy to read from a distance: In my opinion this “tip” mean Make the words readable from far a way.

2. Use Plenty of Space: In my opinion this “tip” means to use all of the canvas

I whiten the guys teeth with the marquee tool and the hue/saturation tool.
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