The Cook Shop Creamy Chicken Pasta So easy!


The Cook Shop Seasoning of Your Choice- Creole or Cajun or a combination of both.

1 pint of heavy whipping cream.

6 oz of penne pasta

1/2 chopped white onion

3 sprigs of chopped green onion, including the bulb

1/2 pound or 3 to 4 skinless, boneless chicken thighs

1 table spoon of salt to boil pasta


Rinse chicken thighs thoroughly and place on a paper towel to absorb the excess water. Next, place on chopping block and cut into 1 inch cubes.

Cote the chicken cubes with The Cook Shop Seasoning of you choice, place in a plastic, Ziplock bag and let marinate at least one hour.

Add salt to water in pot and put on high heat until it comes to a rolling boil. Add 2 cups of pasta. Boil until tender, then strain and sit on the side. Note: Never add oil when boiling pasta. It causes the sauce to slide off.

Rolling Boil

Place sauce pan over medium high heat. Allow pan to become hot. Add about half of the chopped onion to the pan, then add the chicken. Brown chicken about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure the chicken is completely cooked. Now, remove the chicken from pan and place on the side.

Add the heavy cream to the pan with the chicken stock. Stir, scraping the bottom of the pan to ensure all the ingredients in the pan are mixed well.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Add the rest of the white onion and half of the green onion.

Add The Cook Shop Seasonings to taste.

Stir frequently and allow the cream to reduce about 50%. Remove pan from heat and add pasta, then the chicken. Add more Of the Cook Shop Seasonings to taste and stir until all ingredients are mixed together.

Serve in bowls garnished with the remaining green onion.


Simple and delicious.

Connoisseuringly yours,


Created By
Kara Johnson