France By: tyler and nasir!!!!

France is a major modern European country.

France has a population approximately around 66 million and a global rank of 72

trade is important to Frances economy because the value of exports and imports all together equals 61 percent of the GDP and are ranked 8th out of 60. there GDP is 2.8 trillion.

Frances unemployment rate is 10.6 and there world rank is 95th

Frances main industries are manufacturing, air craft production, chemicals, electronics, machinery, and tourism.

France is a Semi-Presidential Republic which means the have a president and a prime minister

Frances capital is Paris

Frances administrative divisions and mainly concerned with institutional and territorial organization of French territory

France has been independent since the romans left and do no have an independence day

Frances current constitution was adopted on October 4th 1958. its been amended 24 times and the most recent one in 2008

France has two judicial systems: administrative and judiciary. administrative handles disputes between government and individuals while judicial handles criminal laws and crimes.

you have to be 18 to vote in France

the head of state in France is their president. election is dissolved when the president and prime minister talk and agree on it. this cannot happen in the last year of the term and are every 6 years.

France's legislative branch is a bicameral Parliament which has 348 seats. elections are every 6 years but are renewed every three years.

in France judges are considered civil servants and have a 3 judge panal and are picked by the president


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