Photojournalism at Loyalist College

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Photojournalism at Loyalist

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The Loyalist College Photojournalism Program is in its 35th year. We have graduates working around the corner, across Canada, and all over the world.

“Photography was my hobby growing up but at Loyalist I learned the craft of photojournalism. I was taught how to take photos with depth and how to produce engaging photo stories. Photojournalism has paved the way to numerous jobs I never considered or knew about after university. Loyalist College equipped me with a unique skillset that has opened the door to an exciting job with Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail.” - Solana Cain

This is a hands-on practical course. We are content driven. We want you to produce pictures that say something … that mean something … that capture a moment or little slice of life.


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Some have defined photojournalism as “the marriage of words and pictures”, or “storytelling” … sometimes with one picture … sometimes with ten pictures …and more recently, sometimes with the added multimedia dimension of sound and or video. The modern photojournalist is one who is adaptable and multi-skilled.

Our pledge is to provide you with that “triple threat skillset” of still photography, writing and multimedia. This is the skillset of the modern journalist. It is highly transferable to a myriad of applications in communication, commercial and advertorial opportunities.

Justin Trudeau visits Loyalist College February 14, 2013. He was talking with the Loyalist College photojournalism students as they 'scrummed' him upon his leaving the college. He was thinking of his colourful father when he said that as a working photojournalist you had to be ready for anything the subject may do! This photograph was taken months before Trudeau entered the political race for the Liberal Party of Canada. He would later go on to become the prime minister of Canada in the Fall of 2015. ©Patti Gower

Class section sizes are small, on average 17 to 21 students in each. Many of our students develop lifelong friendships at Loyalist, and a sense of family and kindred spirits prevails here. Our students come from across Canada and on occasion from around the world.

There is no entrance portfolio required for the 2 year diploma course. A high school diploma or equivalent allows application at the Ontario college application service website. http://www.ontariocolleges.ca/home


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