COVID-19 Resource Center


  • ACCP Member Resources
  • Advocacy & Public Policy
  • Communications & Data
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Corporate Resources
  • Corporate Response
  • Employee Assistance Funds, Employee Hardship Funds, Employee Relief
  • Global Relief
  • Volunteering

ACCP Member Resources

ACCP member can access discussions, resources, and more in the ACCP Communities.

Advocacy & Public Policy

Stay informed on the changing landscapes in the wake of COVID-19.

Communications & Data

Access resources to communicate and data to support your practices during the pandemic.

Corporate Foundations

Connect with resources relevant to corporate foundations amidst COVID-19.

Corporate Resources

Dig into resources relevant to corporate social responsibility teams.

Corporate Response

Track the corporate response to COVID-19 from a variety of sources.

Employee Assistance Funds Employee Relief / Hardship

Access curated information on how corporations are responding to employees' needs.

Global Relief

Resources and information around the international response to COVID-19.

Virtual Volunteering

Virtual volunteering is a way for employees to engage while working remotely. Resources on virtual volunteering opportunities are available below.


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