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About The Campaign

This campaign is dedicated to putting a stop to the epidemic of bullying. This is a serious thing that happens to students all around the world and can lead to many unpleasant issues. We created this campaign to possibly end these problems, so that both the bully and victim can lead better lives. Thus, making the world a more safe, peaceful place.

Effects of Bullying

Bullying has had a detrimental impact on our society. For instance, bullying can lead people to have mental illnesses, such as depression and bipolar disorder. These mental illnesses can lead people to attempt suicide or self harm. Bullying can't only effect the victim, it can effect the bully as well. Bullying can also lead to peer pressures from friends to become bullies. All these and more are happening large in part to due with bullying.

How to Take Action.

You can take action by helping when you see someone being bullied. If you see someone being bullied try to go and help stop it. Tell an adult if someone is being bullied and if they are being cyber bullied take action and report that account.

Above : Anti-Bullying Video created by Megan Kelley Hall

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