Weekly Announcements Dr. Sandy battige

Rae - This is an example of what I think I could do for weekly announcements to all faculty and staff in the future - What do you think?

This is week one of the term. Please be sure to update parents with a news letter letting them know what they can expect their students will be doing in your class. Remember, it doesn't need to be fancy - just factual. Any major projects and due dates should be included.

All grade appeals must be finalized by Wednesday. Please see your administrator if you have any questions.

The faculty and staff breakfast is Tuesday morning in the HS café. Please join us at 7:15 to for prayer, food and fuel for our day!


Lesson Plans sure be on your administrator's desk before you leave on Wednesday/Thursday. Your admin will review your plans and let you know if they have questions. No news is good news so plan on posting online by Saturday at 6:00. Parents and students should have access to these plans first thing Sunday morning.

My door is always open


Dr. Battige


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