Term 2 Final Project Shaikha Alghithani & Buthaina Althani

1.Google Docs + Drive:

  • what is google docs? google docs is a web than you can open it with using the internet and online , also you can open it with different devices. It allows users to store files in the cloud, synchronize files across devices, and share files.Google drive is a web that you can access with internet connection and you can save your work in, you can even share your group work to your partners and work at it at the same time

What can you do in google docs ?

  • - you can create and edit files and share documents with other people like if your working with team you can share it by sharing the file with them. and they can write comments and reply to each others,forms and drawings.


2.Google Sheets

what is google sheets? google sheets is a web that you can organize your work and you can organize, visualize , and calculate your data.

How to use google sheets?

- first you open google by signing in with your account and open google sheets.

-All the information will be up, then you will find a Untitled spreadsheet so you have to name it. and whenever your done it will save alone if you want to correct something or continue with it you can go to google drive and sign in and it will be saved with all the changes that you did before .

3.internet safety

What is internet safety? internet safety or online safety is the security of people and their information. internet safety is a place that all people but their personal information like their name. full number , birth date and your address.

How to be safe on the internet?Think before you click. Never click on links in messages from people,make a hard password so nobody else can know it and trust people by sending personal stuff.

4.Sketch up..

what is sketch up? is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range and its a web that you can drow and also you can create buildings

How to use sketch up? SketchUp’s drawing and navigation tools. You’ll get a taste of how much fun it is to push and pull your 3-D drawings into shape. You’ll also learn some valuable techniques for navigating a 3-D workspace

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